Thursday, July 31, 2008

$2.60 Filet Mignon Dinner.....

In 1966, anyway :)
Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla is located at 7545 Girard Avenue, right in the midst of the action. We had several early appointments today, and were in desperate need of sustenance. On our way to another place we thought we might have remembered trying once many years ago, we happened by Harry's. Hmm. People outside and in, always a good sign. I must admit, I have a thing for old fashioned looking places, so that was a part of the decision as well. The cincher? There was a parking lot 'round back. I'm sure you know how precious a good parking spot can be in San Diego county!

The menu is extensive. It had all of the things I would expect to see on a breakfast menu...French toast, pancakes, egg combos, waffles, etc...and then some. There are 16 ready to order the additional options make it an endless list of possibilities. Too much for two hungry people with growling bellies. They also serve lunch, but that's for another day! The majority of menu items are under $7, and the most expensive item is the Lox & Bagel plate at $10.75, surpassing 90% of the other items by $2 or more.

The longer we were there, the better it got. If you're a waffle person, and I am, they have 2 types of waffles to choose from: a crisp, old fashioned Golden Brown waffle, or a thicker, deeper Belgian Waffle, made with malted batter (and every waffle lover knows malted batter is a *must*! ). And the 2 egg combos? They come with 3 eggs, and according to the 1966 news story featuring this coffee shop, they always have. But don't tell Harry. As an added bonus, the coffee is from Cafe Moto, where I purchase my home coffee supplies!

Breakfast at Harry's was a delight from start to finish. Trying to veer outside my breakfast comfort zone, I tried the old fashioned waffle as you see in the picture. It came with eggs and a sausage patty (which had a wonderful savory flavor and a tiny little kick!), and was topped with sweet, fresh strawberries, and ample whipped cream for $7.70, not a bad deal. My better half has the sausage patty and egg combo, 3 eggs as promised, 2 sausage patties, hash browns and toast. All for $6.60!! A cup of coffee and a large orange juice, and we still got out of there without breaking the bank...but more importantly, with a smile on our faces.

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