Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Pig

Well, I guess it wasn't exactly a pig, per se...But it was pork chops, and they came from a pig...does that count? After a busy afternoon, we stopped at Windmill Farms (I really need to dedicate a seperate post to them, they rock!) and picked up some pork chops to throw on the grill.

I don't know if anyone else has seen it yet, but McCormick & Schmick seasonings has some new black pepper blends out that caught my interest. I am a fan of pepper. Black, white, green & pink. So, naturally, this was a product that I was drawn to. I've seen two versions of it, one being a smoked black pepper, which smells really good. The other, the one I used on the chops, is a Worcestershire black pepper. It has the most amazing aroma. Even better than the smoked. That, along with a little brush of olive oil and some sea salt was all I adorned these chops with. A few minutes on each side on a hot grill, and they were perfect! I wish I'd have taken pics :(

Some romaine lettuce, heirloom tomatoes (from the farmer's market Sunday), baked potatoes, and pita bread rounded out the meal. When I was young, my mom would make pork chops, and slice them, then we'd stuff the slices into pita pockets, add lettuce, tomato, cheese, and dressing. Clearly, I loved them :) The baked potatoes were at the request of my neice who, along with her daddy and little brother, joined us for dinner. I cheated, started them in the nuker, then tossed with a little olive oil and some sea salt and threw them on the grill. I love that crispy skin!

Dinner was followed up by everyone piling on the couches to watch Wipeout..the most insane and hilarious show I've seen on TV in ages. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out...but I wouldn't drink anything you don't want to shoot from your nose!

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