Monday, July 21, 2008

So....why so serious?

Ok, so today was a good day, even though I got up in the midst of a hot flash. Luckily, the breeze kicked in around 1pm, and it was just beautiful from then on. It really wasn't all that hot...I just tend to get hot while I'm sleeping. Ok yeah, that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean right? Right?

Food. Hmm. Well, I didn't really cook today, per se. I made the lunch you see right there -------> for my wonderful husband, because it's his favorite. It's tuna salad (tuna, black and green olives, pickles, a dab of mayo, and fresh ground pepper) with avocado. Since I only needed half of the avocado for the sandwich, he got the rest to eat with some lime. If you haven't tried this, get thee to a market and pick yourself up a nice ripe Haas, and some limes! Me, I had pita bread and hummus (spinach, feta and artichoke hummus, to be exact) for lunch.

Dinner was....wait for it....Chick Fil A! Ha! We went to see the Dark Knight movie, and ended up seeing Wanted by the time we were heading home we just wanted something fast, and not horrible. Chick Fil A nuggets are good...real chicken (it's a really good clue when you bite into them and it doesn't look like a grey sponge...McNuggets, anyone??), very lightly breaded. Simple fare, but it worked. Tomorrow will be better...especially since I'll be eating at Mom's! he he!

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