Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicken on the Barbie...Oh No,'s under the broiler

It was definitely one of those Homer Simpson-esque moments. Hmm...I wonder why I can't smell the chicken on the grill yet? Let me check...D'oh! Out of Propane!

Tonight's dinner was to be grilled chicken (kabobs) and risotto. I figured, throw some corn in for good measure, and we got us a meal! Got the chicken cut into cubes, started the marinating, sauteed the rice and onions for the bastardized cheddar broccoli risotto..all was looking good. Cut up the onion, got the chicken on the skewers, and out to the grill. Then Murphy decided to send his law dogs after us. Out of propane, and the chicken hadn't even fully cooked on one side yet. Egads!

Luckily, I've worked my way 'round the broiler a time or two. Sure, it wasn't quite the same, but it was darned good!
The finished meal was delicious, so as the old saying goes: All's well that ends well!

For the risotto, I just sauteed some onion and arborio rice, then added chicken stock, and simmered. I added more stock as it evaporated, stirring frequently. At the end I added about a cup of finely shredded cheddar and some blanched, chopped broccoli, tasted for seasoning, added white pepper and called it good.

The chicken was marinated in a couple different things. First, there was a tequila based marinade, which had lime, Penzey's 4S spicy seasoned salt, and Tajin, which is a Mexican seasoning I get at the market. The other marinade was my daughter's invention: A1 sauce mixed 50:50 with barbecue sauce, in this case Stubb's mesquite.

To make this meal complete, we needed some really tasty beverages. Hmm, what would compliment that chicken? Tequila, lime...Margarita! Not just any margarita, either. I made Acai-strawberry margaritas. I blended fesh strawberries with Acai berry juice and fresh lime juice, then added that to tequila, Cointreau, and shook it up with some ice. Poured into a salted glass and there you have it. Margaritas: the Superfood!

Since my daughter isn't quite to margarita age yet, she made her own tasty beverage. Watermelon juice (fresh from crushed watermelon), combined with lemon juice, lime juice and just a splash of water. The watermelon was so sweet that there was no need for sugar. Ahhh! Now *that's* refreshing! You can see her recipe on her blog page: Random Thoughts of a Teenage Mind.

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