Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another sunny day, has come and gone away, in Paris and Rome...but I wanna go home.

I'm HOME! Yay!
Well, it was a nerve wracking couple of days, but Mom's ok, and so is Dad, so it's all good. I even have a surprising review for y'all! The cafeteria at Tri-City Medical Center in Vista, CA. I know what you're thinking. In your mind you're remembering the fat, over cooked spaghetti noodles with the red water and hamburger sauce from your elementary school days. You probably even have "Lunch Lady Land" playing in the back of your mind. Well, kids, let me tell you...this is not your average cafeteria. Oh, it *looks* like a regular cafeteria. And, well, if I'm being honest, I guess there are probably less than stellar options available to you know, comfort food to remind you of the "good old days". But all that aside, the breakfast there is really quite good! I know! I was surpised too.

After they took Mom in, they said I had a good wait on my hands, and that I could find a cafeteria one floor down. Originally, I planned to just get a cup of tea and maybe a muffin or something to tide me over. That was before I went in.

Glancing around, I wasn't expecting much. I saw they had some griddle options: french toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and the like. But what really got my attention was the fresh fruit bar. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, all fresh, and all looking delicious. I ordered the 2 pancakes with 1 egg and bacon, then fixed a bowl of mixed berries from the fruit bar to top off the 'cakes. A cup of Earl Grey and I was set. I made my way to the cashier: $6.10, which I thought was quite reasonable considering the fruit alone would cost almost that much in the grocery store!

Any lingering doubts I had were erased in the first couple of bites. The pancakes, though a tad fluffier than I like (I prefer thin pancakes, with crisp edges), were tasty, especially when topped with the berries. The bacon was bacon, and the egg was scrambled. A very tasty breakfast.

I hope that you don't ever have the need to eat at this particular place, but if you are in the neighborhood one morning for any reason, it's worth checking out.

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Lexxi said...

YAY UR HOME! YAY!! lol when are you gonna put up my drink and dinner? Anyways, tell me when you do cuz I wanna steal the pic of my drink for my post! I updated it though to without the drink! lol :D love you