Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lucy Lu Hough ~**~ 1994-2008

Saying Goodbye to Lucy.

This gorgeous miniature Schnauzer is Lucy. Lucy joined our family on the January 1, 2000, and crept into our hearts immediately. I have never seen a more loving dog than Lucy, which is really quite
amazing, considering the abuse and neglect she lived with for the
first part of her life. Her former "owners" abandoned Lucy when
they moved, and she was alone and tied up in a yard, struggling to
survive when she was rescued. By the time this beautiful animal
was introduced into our lives, she'd had nearly all of her teeth out
due to infections from foxtails, and she was skin & bones.
We'd been talking about a dog for a long while when we found Lucy through a Mini Schnauzer rescue here in San Diego. We went to meet her and immediately fell in love. She was a little timid at first, but that didn't last long. A couple weeks after we brought her home with us, it was clear she thought of this as her home too.

Lucy would dance when we came home from anywhere, even a trip to the store. She'd get up on her hind legs and dance around the living room, howling her own tune. She loved her "bad kitty" toy (that was what it was called, not our name for it! :) ) and Greenies, but most of all she loved her new family and we loved her. From day one she attached herself to my husband, following him wherever he went. When he was out of town, she would spent the first day or two watching his side of the bed, sitting outside the bathroom, or sniffing around his chair at the dining room table. When she figured out he was gone, she spent most of her time by the front door, just waiting patiently. She was playful and loving and sweet and never ever anything less than a joy, and always a part of the family.
Lucy Lu Hough died today, September 23, 2008. We will miss her very, very much.

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koko said...

I feel so sad for you.
I know your pain. Our dear Booser died a year ago July 5th. At times I still expect to see him when I come home.

I know you and your family have many happy memories to help carry you through.