Monday, October 13, 2008

Remember the Alamo...?

Remember the Alamo....

Old Town has changed. After losing the lease on much of the traditional Old Town restaurants and shops, Bazaar del Mundo was forced to move on. So many changes made in a relatively
short period of time. That's why it was nice to walk down the
main drag and see The Alamo. Brightly lit and festive looking,
The Alamo is a fun place for a casual meal.

The seating here is all outdoors, so if you're going to be going in
the fall or winter seasons, be sure to bring a sweater! If you're lucky, you can snag one of the two tables that have their own little
firepits in the center! On our last visit, we were lucky enough to
snag one of these for ourselves.

There was a chill in the air, a Chargers game on the t.v., and lots of people relaxing with a margarita and some salsa. We added some guacamole, and had ourselves a little party! :) The margaritas are tasty and come in a variety of flavors...but we enjoyed the traditional lime. The guac is fresh and tasty, and the salsa, though
a little spicy for my sensitive taste buds, was bursting with tomato

For an entree, I chose the carne asada burrito, by which I judge many Mexican restaurants here in San Diego. As you can see, this one is huge! Stuffed full of tender, flavorful beef, pico de gallo and more of that delicious guacamole, this burrito delivers!

My husband chose a quesadilla and an enchilada, something which he judges places by himself! The enchilada, though tasty, was on the small side. Not the best enchilada, but certainly not bad!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, quesadilla? How hard is it to make a cheese filled tortilla? You'd be surprised how
bad they can be! Greasy messy yucky stuff. This one, however, was none of those things. Light, crisp edged tortilla, with nicely melted cheese in the center. A little of that guac and it's golden.

The next time you find yourself wandering around, wondering what to have for dinner, head over to Old Town. Yes, a lot of things are gone. Yes, there've been a lot of changes. But there are still good finds to be had, and more importantly, there are still good times to be had too!

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Karen said...

Oh, how I miss the Mexican food in SoCal!