Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom, part deux

Mom's Birthday Dinner

Being raised on a farm in the midwest, it isn't not surprising that my mom would choose a simple, but tasty pork chop dinner for her birthday! Fresh sliced tomatoes & fresh green beans from the farmer's market. Baked Yukon Gold potatoes. And of course, grilled pork chops!

Everything was prepared pretty simply, which was the beauty of the meal. I rubbed a little toasted onion avocado oil on the pork chops, then dusted them with salt and Worcestershire black pepper from McCormick. Color me a convert, I LOVE that stuff on pork and beef! If you haven't tried it, it's only a few bucks a can, and has really nice flavor.
The beans were steamed, then Smart Balance, salt & pepper were added. The potatoes were baked and finished on the grill so the skin was nice and crisp and tasty! I love potatoes with a little butter (or Smart Balance, as the case may be when visiting my folks!), a little salt, lots of fresh ground pepper, and the secret ingredient: paprika! Yummmm!
And for dessert:

PIE! I only got a picture of the apple, but we had apple, pumpkin, and key lime!
Ok so, I promised I'd post the rest of the food stuff from that day and here it is. Enjoy :)

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Karen said...

Looks so good! I'm going to look for the Worcestershire Black Pepper!