Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Would you like some caffeine with that?

Hi, my name is Kimberly, and I'm an espressoholic.

I started drinking coffee when I was about 10. I would volunteer to get a cup for my mom or dad, and steal sips here and there. By the time I was in high school, I was drinking it every day. I love coffee. I love everything about it. The color, the smell, the taste...all of it. Good coffee is a true pleasure for the senses.

While in Alaska, way back in 1993, I started drinking espresso more. There was a very cool little coffee shop in Anchorage that was one of those places where you feel good just being there...and Mike, the guy who was usually behind the counter when we went in, introduced me to a quad-shot mocha. I was hooked. I mean, come on...coffee AND chocolate? What's not to love?? Eventually, like all addicts, I needed more. I began to experiment. Vanilla, hazelnut, almond, macadamia, coconut, white chocolate..I tried them all. And loved them, every one. Well, ok, I didn't really love the hazelnut.

I began to seek out coffee/espresso shops wherever I was. I am telling you, any city I spent a fair amount of time in, I knew all the best places to get a good cuppa. I drank it hot, I drank it cold...heck, I even took it frozen. I couldn't get enough. I am sad to say, I've never gotten help for my addiction. I've toned it down, and I figure, hey, I can quit whenever I want to. Right?

Iced Espresso:
5 shots ristretto espresso (1-1/2 ounces each)
1 ounce syrup (any flavor, my current favorite is cinnamon by Monin)
1/2 to 1 ounce half & half

Fill a martini shaker with ice. Pour in syrup, then espresso shots. Shake vigorously (which will give you that lovely foam you see in the picture). Pour into glass (preferably chilled) and top with half & half.


Anonymous said...

Wow and I thought I liked coffee. Do you happen to have any interesting recipes that you utilize espresso in?

Mick said...

Do you leave the ice in or do you strain it?

kimbery said...

I leave the ice in mine, but my husband prefers his with the ice strained out.

kimbery said...

anonymous: I'll post some of my favorites very soon, I promise...including TiraMisu and an espresso gelato that's is heavenly!

howie said...

5 ristrettos?! I would be up for 3 days straight on that :-) And yet I still have the desire to try your recipe right now anyway.

I was wondering if you had tried Caffe Calabria in North Park. They're my favorite coffeehouse in SD. They're one of a handful that can regularly produce latte art.

kimbery said...

I have tried to try Cafe Calabria...but I never seem to get over there while they're open. Have they changed the hours yet? Someone told me that they were going to start staying open past 3 pm. Thanks, and enjoy!!