Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes People Suck.

It's been hot lately. Not just and sticky. Emphasis on the sticky. Emphasis on the ICK. As usually happens when the weather is miserable, I've noticed an increase in the levels of hostility, stupidity, and rudeness. For example, my daughter and her friend were bike riding today. Now, we live in a residential area, off the main drag, and there's not a terribly great amount of they were riding in the street. When they heard the car approaching, they both swerved to the right to get out of the way. Well out of the way, in fact. But the jerk in the Honda swerved with them, trying to frighten them. Three times this was repeated, until they reached a driveway and went up onto the sidewalk. The passengers were laughing, and flipping off the girls. Mind you, these are young teen girls and the people in the car were college students. When the girls went up on the sidewalk, the honda went on, pulling into a driveway down the block. The girls came and told us what happened, and my husband went to the honda's house to talk to the driver. His excuse? It was an "accident". After my husband told him, quite politely, that he would have his own accident if it happens again, his attitude greatly improved and he managed to sputter an apology to my shaken daughter and her friend.

Sometimes, people just suck.

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