Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A far cry from airplane peanuts, or Is This a Sign?

So, as I was saying in my last post, we recently spent some time in Maine. We were flying home on New Year's Day, and I was not looking forward to that flight. I figured, being a holiday, it would be crowded (it was) and hectic (it was) and a pain (it wasn't!) Long story short, we got bumped to first class and discovered a whole new world!
The best part may have been the meal. Instead of the cellophane bag of airplane peanuts, we were instead treated to chicken in a roasted red pepper sauce, roasted potatoes, creamed spinach, Cesar salad, a dinner roll, fresh fruit and a flourless chocolate cake for dessert!
The chicken was surprisingly tasty, and the red pepper sauce was equally good on the roasted potatoes. The salad was accented by thin slices of parmesan, dressed in a tasty and light Cesar dressing. The roll was warm and soft, an unexpected treat. But what took the cake (no pun intended!) was the flourless chocolate cake. Rich and decadent, it was deeply chocolatey. The strawberries and black grapes were a perfect foil.
I would like to say I'll never fly coach again, but until I hit the lottery, that's not likely.

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